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Cooperating while working from home

In these uncertain times that are dominated by the COVID-19 pandemic, how can you complete a new project for a renowned automobile manufacturer?

The answer is simple: with the experts from fine Expression, a flexible international team and the close (yet socially distanced!) involvement of clients and technology!

Over the course of our collaboration with the international automobile manufacturer, we were asked to translate label texts for the navigation system into three new languages: Greek, Slovenian and Ukrainian. This alone is a challenge, but in this case, it was only just the beginning. The client wanted these labels to be translated and adapted for two car brands at the same – and this while Germany was in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Normally, we carry out projects like this on-site, however, this was obviously not possible due to the situation affecting the entire world. As a result, it was not possible for the translators to get to know the client or the app, to directly pose questions to a present contact person, or to immediately point out potential difficulties.

The difficulties were further compounded by the fact that the fine Expression team also could not be at a centralised location, but was working from home in compliance with the safety measures. Maria Vlashchenko, Senior Project Manager and supervisor of this cluster project, was even in Russia during the project, after the country closed its borders shortly after she arrived there in March. “While I had everything I needed here to communicate with the translators, clients and colleagues, it was of course an additional challenge when you are not directly on-site to discuss and clarify everything with the client in person,” said the project manager.

And she was not alone in not being allowed on-site: the clients and the translators were also working from home. “Communicating face-to-face and using the latest technologies were therefore essential to ensuring that the project ran smoothly,” said Bastian Graff, CTO at fine Expression, who was also involved in developing the app. To this end, the IT expert established communication channels via video conferences and other tools, thereby ensuring open, fast and clear collaboration.

Thanks to fine Expression’s global network of translators, choosing the language experts was not a complex problem. Working closely with the client and the translators, the team not only managed to complete the project within the desired timeframe, but also in the expected premium quality that fine Expression promises. “The commitment, both from the client and the translators, enabled us to complete the project from start to finish within three weeks. The communication between the translators, the client and us, as the project management team, played a very important role and contributed significantly to the success of the project,” said the obviously pleased project manager.

The world is on its head and nothing is the same? Here at fine Expression, we look for solutions together and work flexibly for and with the client - while putting the protection of our employees, clients and cooperation partners first.

Project management Maria Vlashchenko

Senior Project Manager

Industry: Automotive, IT
Languages: German, Russian

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