Corporate language

No company is like any other – every language is different – each sector is unique.

A successful corporate language takes these factors into account. fine Expression is your partner for an appropriate, multilingual corporate language – and your success.

Translation Memory: One company + many voices = your language!

fine Expression structures your communication via the Corporate Language Portal. The translation memory function detects identical formulations, compiling your company’s very own ‘dictionary’– the foundation of harmonious, consistent wording.

Thinking and growing together

fine Expression uses every text you publish to expand and systemise your company’s individual corporate vocabulary in your personal Corporate Language Portal. The result is a comprehensive database that you and fine Expression can use to implement subsequent projects more quickly and efficiently.

Individually tailored and available worldwide

fine Expression gives you the opportunity to actively contribute your expert knowledge to the text creation process. Thanks to customer-specific access rights, staff at your company can incorporate their specialist and terminology expertise directly into the texts – from anywhere in the world and with traceable transparency.

Expert know-how for top results

All fine Expression translators are native speakers with sector-specific expertise. The combination of their instinctive feel for language and the technology of the Corporate Language Portal produces the ideal expression to make a perfect impression.

Continuity is rewarded

The more texts are processed via the Corporate Language Portal, the faster and more precise the translations become, so that working with fine Expression saves both time and money.

Try it out for yourself!

Transparent processes go without saying at fine Expression, as does open and logical pricing. Click here for a

Translation Unique Solutions

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    Project and execution

    The project

    • Multilingual translation focused on web-based training (WBT)
    • Terminology management
    • Localisation of six modules into Englishe


    “Our task was to localise six modules of a web-based training course for conversion from Office 2007 to Office 2010 into English. It included both basic and advanced training on Word and Excel, as well as training for PowerPoint and Outlook. This involved translating over 1,000 source text files (.docx, .xlf, .xls, .pdf, .msg), under strict adherence to the consistency of the language used in the English texts and the correct program commands of all the Microsoft applications included in the WBT. Ensuring a smooth re-import into the e-learning system was crucial here. The project was implemented successfully in just three months.

    The close cooperation and coordination of content with the customer’s project team were the decisive factors behind this success for us. The CLP made it easy to integrate this into the working process. We also created a terminology database for the specific specialist terms in the project, which now holds more than 18,000 entries. This database formed the foundation of the extensive research work and data administration, which were conducted extremely reliably and efficiently.

    The ongoing maintenance of customer-specific and project-specific terminology databases guarantees the highest quality and consistent wording at all times. Even once the project was delivered, this solid foundation allowed us to implement various time-critical and complex follow-up projects in more than ten languages successfully and in next to no time.

    We continue to support our customer and, with the CLP, offer them a platform for analysing, budgeting and managing both large-scale projects and smaller enquiries more efficiently. We are delighted with this close cooperation and the long-term partnership it has blossomed into.”

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