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fine Expression goes digital

A MOVE Com success story

fine Expression supports your multilingual digital events

The future is digital, and this is also evident among our clients, with two renowned companies benefitting from the support of our experts at large, virtual conferences this year.

The German Export Association for Food and Agriproducts GEFA e.V. organised an online seminar on the food business and agriculture in Chile, with participants including employees from German and Chilean companies. At this event, fine Expression was responsible for the technical framework of the lectures taking place, as well as the provision of multilingual moderators.

At the 2021 Spring Conference of the Research Association for Combustion Engines (FVV), which was held online over several days, the main moderator for both projects, Vincent Wolff, also provided technical and linguistic support. For this event, fine Expression also organised interpreters so that the participants could follow the presentations in English via MOVE Com.

Prior to events like these, we are available to our clients to answer any open questions about how MOVE Com works and to discuss the exact procedure. We clarify, for example, how many Q&A sessions there will be, a particularly relevant point for the moderators, as they are responsible for communicating the questions, among other things. During a presentation, participants can write all their questions in their own language in the chat window. These questions are then translated by the moderators into the language of the speakers so that they can be answered either after the speech or during it. Of course, the answers are also translated back into the original language again, thereby ensuring the smooth communication between speakers and participants.

Support from a team of moderators

The moderators are also here to help with technical problems. For example, moderator Vincent Wolff was able to provide quick and understandable support to one of the interpreters at the FVV event when they experienced issues with the presentation.
This takes an enormous amount of pressure off our clients, allowing them to concentrate on the content of their event and ensuring they receive immediate support in case of technical difficulties.
In this case, the speakers had audio issues which made it difficult for the interpreters to understand the presentations. The moderator indicated these issues, diagnosed the problem and resolved the situation quickly.

What makes us particularly happy is that both companies were delighted with the smooth and professional manner in which their multilingual events were run. We are pleased with this success, along with our clients, and are looking forward to future digital events.

Moderation Vincent Wolff

Technology Manager

Industries: Agriculture, Mechanical engineering, Research, International cooperation, IT
Languages: German, English

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