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Go live or go home!

Relaunching a website with revised corporate language in just 6 weeks and 5 languages?

An exciting challenge for translation consultant Frauke Kölling: “The priority of the project immediately became apparent at the kick-off meeting with all involved parties. In addition to the tight schedule, the client also wanted their completely redeveloped corporate language to be implemented in all five languages.”

Our solution? Individual teams of native speakers and subject matter experts for each language, as well as a dedicated support team of IT specialists.

A combination of IT and translations were the real factors for success in this project! To start, the client’s specialist departments gradually supplied the content for the website, which was then imported into fine Expression’s Corporate Language Portal. We then integrated the client-specific terminology, as well as the corporate language specifications for the translation teams. By using cutting-edge technology, all involved participants had access to the powerful database at all times. Therefore, any changes to content or terminology·– even those done at short notice·– could be tracked. And we could provide the expected high quality translations that complied with the corporate language specifications in all languages. And all this while adhering to the strict schedule!

And the result? Well, here’s what our client had to say:

“So now it’s done, the website is online! I know that you all worked extremely hard on this project over the last few weeks and I know it turned into a huge task! However, step-by-step, we have reached our goal. SUPERB! Thank you very much for your efforts. I really appreciate it!”

Project management Frauke Kölling

Senior Project Manager

Industry: Beverages, Food
Languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese

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