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Language Consulting

First-rate language consulting and translation

Custom solutions often come at a high price. So the same must be true of custom translations, right?
Not necessarily. Our approach to individual solutions is to create efficient and streamlined processes that ensure the highest quality, all while keeping costs down.
However complex the project, we start by outlining your requirements and creating a framework for the job. This allows us to select the right team of experts to support you and meet each of your demands, thereby ensuring your satisfaction with the end product.

“If something is easy to read, then it was difficult to translate”

How can we support you?

Corporate language solutions

Every company has its own language which forms part of its corporate identity. Ensuring your corporate communication is uniform across your global sites and that your marketing efforts reach your clients are vital parts of business today.

Audio & video transcriptions

Sometimes, you don’t necessarily need a translation, but something a little different. Our language experts can transcribe spoken words into written text, regardless of whether from a video or audio file. However long your spoken text, we can write it down. And of course translate it too, if you need that as well!

Pre- & post-editing

Every now and again, you may find yourself using a machine translation tool just to get the gist of a text. However, these texts come with all sorts of issues; from a lack of consistency with regards to the terminology used, to poor style and grammar, all the way up to simply incorrect translations. Our team can post-edit these texts to make sure they met your (and our) high standards!

Take a look at some of our translation projects in  our references!