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Digital events. Multilingual online collaboration.

Languages are our passion. At fine Expression, we are renowned for our individual and custom translation services in over 60 languages and our comprehensive service portfolio for all your language-related needs.

But there is more to us than simply translation and project management. Over the past few years, digitalisation has progressed at a rapid pace, and the demand of keeping up with the technology has increased. At fine Expression, we don’t just want to keep up with the Jones’. We want to set the pace and be pioneers in our field. Not because we have to. Not because the zeitgeist says we should. But because we love developing new products and services. And because we’re very good at it and our clients know that.

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To the LinkedIn post

Recent global events have certainly contributed to the popularity of online events and meetings. However, for years, the increasing globalisation and international presence of many companies have required technological solutions for the traditional in-person conference. Several options are available here, but there is a certain aspect that remains overlooked: how do you communicate with people in their own language all over the globe?

For centuries, interpreters and translators have helped overcome language barriers, whether in private gatherings or at large, international conferences. Unfortunately, many of the available online communication options predicate the use of a single, common language. This requires the participants to display a certain level of understanding of the language and problems can arise if this is not the case.

We think there’s a better way. So we tasked our expert developers with finding a solution. And they did: MOVE Com. Our browser-based platform includes all the popular functions of other well-known meeting tools, but with the added benefit of integrating interpreters. Our solution therefore enables you to hold monolingual, bilingual or multilingual meetings, conferences and events and ensures that wherever your participants are from, they will be able to hear everything in their own language.
But that’s not all. Why not take a look at our dedicated MOVE Com website to see what else we offer and how we can help ensure your online events are a great success.

Excellent preparation and a solid database make the difference

Successfully conducting online meetings requires:

a stable and extremely mature software

decades of online expertise

a reliable database with corporate language

excellent event organisation including several preliminary test runs

proven language experts and subject specialists

If all these aspects are in place, we can provide our client with a premium product: a digital event that not only protects the climate, but also saves time while overcoming any language barriers. An event that enables them to move forward with their projects without any interruptions.
Once we have (once again) implemented this, we are happy. But only then.

Successful projects require good coorperation

Communicating in advance is essential, whether for creating the company database or developing the detailed schedule of the virtual event. 
From this perspective, the digital event itself is only the final step.

Before that, there is plenty of room for personal and professional exchange.

It goes without saying that we have successfully realised various multilingual online projects with the highest standards. And we are constantly evolving with every new project. We hope you are interested in working with us and give us the chance to get to know you. And who knows? - Perhaps we will soon be able to accompany you on your digital journey with multilingual content. We are looking forward to it!

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