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Navigation meets network

At fine Expression, we love a challenge

Finding 72 bilingual native speakers in 10 days for a market research project? Contacted, briefed and done.

Our task was to find 72 German-Russian native speakers to test a navigation system. But that was not all: the client wanted a representative study, which required us to select the participants not only according to their language expertise, but also on the basis of demographic characteristics.

Thanks to our extensive, worldwide network, we were able to recruit all participants for the market research within ten days. To start, the participants answered a questionnaire about the use of navigation systems in cars, before testing the navigation system themselves. All findings and impressions on the user-friendliness and handling of the device were later recorded as part of another questionnaire.

Thanks to the fast and efficient handling of the project, our client was able to gather valuable feedback for product development and to advance the bilingual quality assurance of its navigation system. A great success for us and our fine Expression network!

Project management Maria Vlashchenko

Senior Project Manager

Industry: Automotive, IT
Languages: German, Russian

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