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No booth? No problem!

A MOVE Com success story

Our interpreters help us to offer the best service for your multilingual digital events!

After several successful events that took place virtually via MOVE Com and were interpreted, we asked the interpreters involved for their feedback. Their experiences with fine Expression’s new service speak for themselves!

They were particularly enthusiastic about the simple and intuitive interface and the reliable technology. The interpreters were also impressed by the professional support they receive from the fine Expression experts, allowing them to concentrate fully on their work.

Since we want to continuously develop and improve MOVE Com, we also asked for suggestions and ideas for improvement. This is where the idea of a separate chat for specific, often technical questions on certain topics came up. Our IT team is currently working flat out on its implementation.

“Overall, I enjoy working with MOVE Com and working with fine Expression is always very pleasant.” - Regina Baumert

At larger events, there are always at least two interpreters who can support each other. For them, it is helpful if they can see each other and communicate using hand signals. At analogue events, they can easily do so because they share a booth. For them to have the same advantage during online events, one interpreter suggested including a small chat window in the MOVE Com interface, through which the interpreters can maintain visual contact independently of the participants.

They also emphasised how much their interpreting performance depends on audio quality. We therefore advise clients in the run-up to the event that speakers should ideally use corded headsets to ensure optimal intelligibility.

Interpreters play a central role in the success of MOVE Com. Therefore, we are very pleased that they can work well with MOVE Com.
Thank you for the valuable tips! We will put them into practice.

Lisa Rosenbaum

Project Manager

Area: PR, Communication & Social Media
Languages: German, English

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