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Make a good impression with fine Expression

Our core belief is that no translation should ever look and feel like a translation. That is why all our translation teams are experts in both their source and target languages as well as possessing sector-specific knowledge – allowing us to cover more than 60 languages and any text type you can think of.

We can also take care of video and audio transcriptions, voice-overs, copy editing, and pre- and post-editing.

To be successful, we know that complex translation projects require a combination of linguistic skills and industry-specific expertise. That is why all our translators are native speakers with their own specialist fields and expert knowledge.

Moreover, every text we translate is then edited by a second member of our translation team. This step serves to verify the accuracy of the content and double-check formal aspects such as grammar, spelling and style – while also ensuring compliance with the corporate terminology that you have specified and approved.

We can also take care of the layout and graphic design of your translation files. Be it InDesign, Illustrator, Word, PowerPoint or more – we can handle any format you throw our way.


Whether your event is in-person or online – you can always count on us to take care of your multilingual interpreting projects!

We help you source interpreters for your multilingual events, training courses and much more.

To do so, we leverage our extensive network of language experts to ensure your success internationally.


We move communication

Multilingual online collaboration at digital events

From internal meetings to multilingual international conferences – our browser-based communications platform MOVE Com makes it easy!

With MOVE Com, all participants communicate in their own preferred language, while our interpreters translate everything that is said into the required target languages. And behind the scenes, we are on hand to provide comprehensive IT support every step of the way.

What’s more, MOVE Com is easy to integrate into your existing software environments such as Microsoft Teams, Zoom, etc., while end-to-end encryption ensures maximum security.

Language-related software solutions

For us, language and software go hand in hand. We always enjoy working with you to develop bespoke solutions that fit your project perfectly.

Language Excellence Platform

Our command centre for managing and processing our projects, customer data and much more using optimized workflows.

Corporate Language Portal

You can use our Corporate Language Portal (CLP) to create translation projects, generate cost estimates and manage your translation memories and terminology databases yourself – 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

fine Expression Language Validation Tool

Our very own tool, developed and programmed in house specifically to validate and optimise translated texts in vehicle navigation systems.