Success Stories Multilingual editing using software documentation as an example

Multilingual editing using software documentation as an example

The project

  • Multilingual editing in English, French and Spanish
  • Multilingual translations
  • Software documentation
  • Terminology management


“For our partners in the IT sector, we have developed solutions for implementing multilingual software documentation successfully, even in projects with tight schedules. In doing so, fine Expression regularly worked with various author systems for technical documentation.
We have a long-running partnership with a customer who specialises in SAP-based business intelligence solutions. One of our regular assignments for them is to conceptualise and further develop user and administrator manuals in four languages. After a short briefing, we work out the functions of the new software for ourselves. The often tight schedule and strict efficiency criteria mean that all tests are created based on single-source publishing. Tailored specifically to the format template, the HTML templates allow us to convert the documentation into a context-intensive online help.

The multilingual translation that follows is conducted exclusively by specialist native-speaker translators who are familiar with the topic – guaranteeing a perfect translation in terms of both language and content. In doing so, they work with a CMS and the translation memory system, so that all specialist terms are applied correctly and consistently. This produces an extensive terminology database in various languages, making subsequent projects more and more efficient. Working intensively with the functions of the software also makes the editors vital contact partners for translators who may have questions regarding the content.

For our customer, collaboration with fine Expression is an additional component of their quality. Thanks to our specialist expertise and intensive engagement with the product, we can also contribute to picking up on potential programming errors, so that they can be eliminated before release.”

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