Success Stories Software localisation and testing

Software localisation and testing

The project

  • Localisation of the program interface
  • Quality assurance through software testing
  • Multilingual translations
  • 16 languages – including: French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, Russian, Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish


“fine Expression has proved itself for many years as an expert in software localisation and the translation of accompanying product documentation, such as manuals, online help and marketing texts.

For a project involving software for an e-learning platform with skill management functions in 16 languages, we drew on project teams made up of language and software experts. Our editors spent a lot of time working with the platform, allowing them to understand it and describe its functions in simple terms. Their professional expertise guaranteed smooth communication with the software developers. Following training from the customer, they developed the specialist concepts independently and checked the existing documentation with regard to its function, language style and layout specifications. To ensure the process ran efficiently, existing documents were created in a modular structure and standardised in Adobe FrameMaker. The new documentation was created in close cooperation with the customer. Once we had their approval, the translation could begin. The native-speaker translators worked with the translation memory system to guarantee consistently high quality.

Another key sign of quality in the process of localising the Java-based program interface was software testing in the target languages. A specialist native-speaker translator tested whether the translated terms were correct in the context of the software interface, in order to eliminate the risk of translating out of context. In doing so, the translator also checked general aspects, from cultural neutrality to programming errors, based on test guidelines compiled in cooperation with the developers.

The final stage of the project was the translation of training documents, contracts and various quotes. The entire project was implemented in just two months.”