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The project

  • A multilingual advertising campaign to support the business expansion of Europe’s leading online freight and vehicle exchange
  • Translation of a wide range of marketing products, including signs, posters, mailings, compliment cards and magazines
  • Eight languages: Russian, Polish, Slovakian, Slovenian, Czech, Estonian, Bulgarian, Lithuanian
  • Some layouts in Cyrillic
  • Delivery of ready-to-print data to customer


“In a multilingual campaign like this, flexible project management and fast implementation are crucial. As a project manager, I was available to the client as his contact person at all times, as well as being responsible for coordination between our native-speaker translators and editors. This allowed us to ensure that last-minute changes from the customer were implemented quickly in all the languages.

The translation was done directly in the file format provided by the customer, needless to say in line with his CI standards. Ensuring that the Cyrillic script and the special characters in the individual languages were depicted correctly and integrated in the layout programme was particularly crucial in this project. The final files were checked by an additional native-speaker editor to guarantee a perfect result.

When creating the print data, we paid particular attention to the various intended purposes of the marketing products and the different ways they will be processed during production. Our customer was able to forward the data we delivered to the printer without losing a moment.

Working with the CLP and its translation memory function makes ongoing work with this customer ever more efficient. In addition, we are able to process all customer projects, most of which come at short notice, quickly – a service the customer is only too happy to use time and again.”

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