Corporate Language Portal

What functions does the CLP offer?
Terminology management enables the establishment of your very own ‘company dictionary’. Not only does this guarantee consistent translations by native speakers – it is also the foundation of consistent text editing for international companies with a range of specialist departments.

The translation memory recognises identical and/or similar formulations and suggests them to the native-speaker translator. This speeds up the translation process and guarantees consistent wording. The advantage is that, the more often you work with the CLP, the faster, more accurate and therefore cheaper the process becomes.

Who has access?
Each customer has an individual CLP tailored to his needs. This can only be accessed by the fine Expression project managers, the translators responsible for the project and the company’s contact partners – from anywhere in the world. This means that even complex international projects can be easily coordinated and implemented.

How are project partners connected?
Thanks to customer-specific access rights, experts at your company can incorporate their specialist expertise and terminology directly into the texts during the proof-reading process. All alterations and changes can be traced transparently..

What file types can the CLP work with?
The CLP processes all common file formats, web content management systems, database content and software programmes.

What are the benefits for project processing?
You can use the CLP to upload texts and calculate quotes independently, providing you with a transparent insight into the price calculation process. Via the CLP, all necessary steps can be planned and all project phases are clearly mapped in the best possible way.

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Corporate Language Portal