Success Stories Translation

Multilingual translation of the website of a leading company in the food and beverage industry

The project

  • Strict time management: 6 weeks, high volume
  • 5 languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese
  • Close cooperation with the customers and other agencies
  • Various file formats: MS Word, xml exports, Adobe InDesign
  • Terminology management and new orientation of the corporate language


A long-standing customer of ours from the food and beverage industry commissioned us to translate their updated content into various languages for the relaunching of their online presence. The challenge was to translate large amounts of content with different file formats into 5 languages within just 6 weeks, when the new website was to go live.
The high priority of the project could already be seen in the initial meeting of all parties involved, wherein a briefing was held on the newly developed corporate language in addition to the schedule and milestones of the online relaunch.
The customer and various employees of an IT company that was also involved successively provided us with the online content in .xml format. A database with the customer’s specific terminology was integrated upon importation of the files into our company-internal Corporate Language Portal. This allowed us to ensure right from the beginning that our specialized translation teams could fulfil the special requirements for processing the documents.
An individual team of native speakers and subject experts was created for every language to ensure perfect quality in the target language texts; they worked in close cooperation throughout the three-step translation process.

The continuous exchange between the translator teams, our customer and the IT company allowed changes to be made immediately and optimally, even on short notice. Our IT systems were another key factor. By using the latest technologies, we were able to ensure that all parties involved with the project had access to the customer-specific terminology at all times. The database was updated in real-time during translation, which is extremely important for such time sensitive projects, so that the specific specialist terms are used consistently. Additionally, all parties involved were able to view the progress of the translation process throughout the project. This allowed us to react to any delays and directly incorporate changes.

The new website was able to successfully go live within the specified time frame. Thanks to the fantastic communication between all parties involved in the project, the unwavering effort of our IT department, which ensured the systems worked smoothly, and the wonderful work of our experienced translator teams, we were able to take on every challenge and wrap up the project to the complete satisfaction of our customer.

Feedback from our customer

“A heartfelt thank you to the entire team at fine Expression!
We did it, the website is online! Over the last weeks, I know you worked incredibly hard on the project, which developed into a massive mountain – which no one could have realized at the beginning of the project or after approving the concept. But step by step, we reached the goal. Wonderful! I am completely aware that you all invested a great deal of working hours and that it isn’t easy to find new motivation over and over again after many cycles of revision. However, I also think that it was worth the effort and that it contributed to the great result we achieved. Thank you so much for your commitment – I truly appreciate it!
Kind regards,
Jasmin Kämmerer”

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