Success Stories Testing navigation systems

Testing navigation systems

The project

  • Organisation of bilingual target group surveys
  • Acquisition of 72 German and Russian native speakers
  • Execution of a two-stage evaluation process


“For tests on a navigation system, a customer needed us to find 72 German and Russian native speakers within ten days for a product survey and test. It was important that the testers not only had the appropriate language skills, but were also distributed evenly across all age groups. Thanks to our network, we were quickly able to find the participants needed. In the first stage of the project, they answered a specially-created questionnaire on the use of navigation systems in cars. The participants then tested the navigation system for themselves in the second stage. The impressions they gained on the user-friendliness of the device were recorded in another questionnaire.

By executing the project quickly and efficiently, we were able to gather important information for the customer’s product development and ensure quality assurance in the bilingual project execution. fine Expression’s large network formed the foundation of this project’s success.“

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