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Multilingual digital events

Effective virtual collaboration between companies has never been more relevant to success than it is today. And all signs point towards a continuation of this trend, with the importance of virtual collaboration rising rapidly.

Being unable to set up digital meetings today means having to rely on face-to-face events.

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Cooperating while working from home

In these uncertain times that are dominated by the COVID-19 pandemic, how can you complete a new project for a renowned automobile manufacturer? The answer is simple: with the experts from fine Expression, a flexible international team and the close (yet socially distanced!) involvement of clients and technology.

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App-solute efficiency

There are good processes. And then there are processes that people simply do not question, which is a pity! Find out here why it pays to stay innovative and how we increased efficiency by 93 per cent with a translation app!

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Go live or go home!

6 weeks, 5 languages, 1 website relaunch with revised corporate language! For a leading company in the food and beverage industry, fine Expression put together a strong and energetic team of native-lanugage technical translators, industry and IT experts as well as translation consultants, all with one joint goal: ensuring all websites are ready in just six weeks!

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Going east!

Displays, posters, mailing materials, compliment cards and print products - Europe’s leading online freight and vehicle exchange is conquering the Eastern European market with this wide range of communication measures. fine Expression provides the right first impression.

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Navigation meets network

At fine Expression, we love a challenge! Which is why we took on the task of finding 72 bilingual native speakers for a market research project in just 10 days. One briefing and the rest is history!

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Hybrid event with the FVV

Hybrids are the talk of the town and not just in the automotive sector! Companies are putting together hybrid teams, hybrid seminars are being used for further training and hybrid meetings are an evere-present in the workplace now.

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No booth? No problem!

Our interpreters help us to offer the best service for your multilingual digital events!
After several successful events that took place virtually via MOVE Com and were interpreted, we asked the interpreters involved for their feedback. Their experiences with fine Expression’s new service speak for themselves!

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fine Expression goes digital

fine Expression supports your multilingual digital events.

The future is digital, and this is also evident among our customers: Two well-known companies benefited from the support of our team of experts at large, virtual conferences this year.

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