Unique Solutions

Thinking outside the box, adopting a clear action.

Companies cannot be pigeonholed, and nor can your requirements for fine Expression. That is why fine Expression develops individual, tailored solutions to suit the task in hand. There is no such thing as ‘can’t’ – think outside the box.

Experience and expertise for individual requirements

The fine Expression team has been successfully implementing language projects for many years – even those that go far beyond conventional translation services. A broad network of language and sector experts allows us to develop an individual solution for every assignment.

Unique solutions for every assignment

fine Expression grows with your requirements, faces up to every challenge and develops solutions in cooperation with you. Here are some examples of projects we have completed in recent years in line with this principle:

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Translation Corporate Language

  • Success Stories Multilingual editing using software documentation as an example

    Project and execution

    Multilingual editing using software documentation as an example

    The project

    • Multilingual editing in English, French and Spanish
    • Multilingual translations
    • Software documentation
    • Terminology management


    “For our partners in the IT sector, we have developed solutions for implementing multilingual software documentation successfully, even in projects with tight schedules. In doing so, fine Expression regularly worked with various author systems for technical documentation.
    We have a long-running partnership with a customer who specialises in SAP-based business intelligence solutions. One of our regular assignments for them is to conceptualise and further develop user and administrator manuals in four languages. After a short briefing, we work out the functions of the new software for ourselves. The often tight schedule and strict efficiency criteria mean that all tests are created based on single-source publishing. Tailored specifically to the format template, the HTML templates allow us to convert the documentation into a context-intensive online help.

    The multilingual translation that follows is conducted exclusively by specialist native-speaker translators who are familiar with the topic – guaranteeing a perfect translation in terms of both language and content. In doing so, they work with a CMS and the translation memory system, so that all specialist terms are applied correctly and consistently. This produces an extensive terminology database in various languages, making subsequent projects more and more efficient. Working intensively with the functions of the software also makes the editors vital contact partners for translators who may have questions regarding the content.

    For our customer, collaboration with fine Expression is an additional component of their quality. Thanks to our specialist expertise and intensive engagement with the product, we can also contribute to picking up on potential programming errors, so that they can be eliminated before release.”

    Success Stories Digitalisation and Translation
    Success Stories Testing navigation systems
    Success Stories Software localisation and testing

    Success Stories Translation
    Success Stories Corporate Language

  • Success Stories Software localisation and testing

    Project and execution

    Software localisation and testing

    The project

    • Localisation of the program interface
    • Quality assurance through software testing
    • Multilingual translations
    • 16 languages – including: French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, Russian, Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish


    “fine Expression has proved itself for many years as an expert in software localisation and the translation of accompanying product documentation, such as manuals, online help and marketing texts.

    For a project involving software for an e-learning platform with skill management functions in 16 languages, we drew on project teams made up of language and software experts. Our editors spent a lot of time working with the platform, allowing them to understand it and describe its functions in simple terms. Their professional expertise guaranteed smooth communication with the software developers. Following training from the customer, they developed the specialist concepts independently and checked the existing documentation with regard to its function, language style and layout specifications. To ensure the process ran efficiently, existing documents were created in a modular structure and standardised in Adobe FrameMaker. The new documentation was created in close cooperation with the customer. Once we had their approval, the translation could begin. The native-speaker translators worked with the translation memory system to guarantee consistently high quality.

    Another key sign of quality in the process of localising the Java-based program interface was software testing in the target languages. A specialist native-speaker translator tested whether the translated terms were correct in the context of the software interface, in order to eliminate the risk of translating out of context. In doing so, the translator also checked general aspects, from cultural neutrality to programming errors, based on test guidelines compiled in cooperation with the developers.

    The final stage of the project was the translation of training documents, contracts and various quotes. The entire project was implemented in just two months.”

  • Success Stories Testing navigation systems

    Project and execution

    Testing navigation systems

    The project

    • Organisation of bilingual target group surveys
    • Acquisition of 72 German and Russian native speakers
    • Execution of a two-stage evaluation process


    “For tests on a navigation system, a customer needed us to find 72 German and Russian native speakers within ten days for a product survey and test. It was important that the testers not only had the appropriate language skills, but were also distributed evenly across all age groups. Thanks to our network, we were quickly able to find the participants needed. In the first stage of the project, they answered a specially-created questionnaire on the use of navigation systems in cars. The participants then tested the navigation system for themselves in the second stage. The impressions they gained on the user-friendliness of the device were recorded in another questionnaire.

    By executing the project quickly and efficiently, we were able to gather important information for the customer’s product development and ensure quality assurance in the bilingual project execution. fine Expression’s large network formed the foundation of this project’s success.“

    Success Stories Digitalisation and translation
    Success Stories Multilingual editing using software documentation as an example
    Success Stories Software localisation and testing

    Success Stories Translation
    Success Stories Corporate Language

  • Success Stories Digitalisation and translation

    Project and execution

    Digitalisation and translation

    The project:

    • Digitalisation
    • Translation into four languages: English, Swedish, Spanish and French
    • Strict time management


    “A large banking company delivered 600 pages of documents to us in a ring bound folder. In just ten days, we had scanned, digitalised, translated and delivered them back to the customer in the requested file format.”