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Multilingual digital events

Effective virtual collaboration between companies has never been more relevant to success than it is today. And all indications point to this trend becoming ever more prevalent. Quickly.

Those who are unable to set up meetings digitally today have to rely on face-to-face events. However, the last few months have shown how quickly we can get into situations where meeting in person is not an option. Above all, this year has proven to be a great lesson in digital solutions. These solutions facilitate the productive collaboration between people all over the world, with those who seek strong partners in this area now being among the winners of tomorrow.
We use our expertise to ensure that your multilingual digital events achieve new heights. We do so by relying on proven language experts, as well as our comprehensive expertise in organising virtual meetings. We have many examples to back up these claims, one of which is our cooperation with VDMA’s Agricultural Machinery Association. But don’t just take our word for it, see what our client had to say.

Online conferencing with the VDMA Agricultural Machinery Association

VDMA’s Agricultural Machinery Association had planned an international conference to be held on the the topic of “Russian Agricultural Machinery Market” in July 2020. 100 participants were invited to take part in this virtual event, where they could discuss and exchange ideas with European investors, while interactive lectures, meetings and discussions were planned to help provide a framework for the dialogue.

We played an interdisciplinary role in this event, providing not only highly reliable language experts, but also comprehensive expertise in online orientation.

Language and technical expertise

Thanks to previous productive collaborations with VDMA Agricultural Machinery, we had a clear and established terminology database. This terminology enabled our language experts to incorporate the correct corporate language, including all technical terms, into the translation, thereby avoiding any technical ambiguities during the language transfer. By enabling simultaneous interpreters to take part in the individual meetings, all participants were able to interact with the speakers and discussion partners in their native language, from wherever they were located.

Organisation of the digital conference

We were responsible for the entire process, starting with issuing the invitations and managing the participants, to implementing the video technology and streaming processes. We also handled the conference environment, providing organisational guidance for all participants and ensuring the language experts were able to render their services online.
As a result, the virtual, multilingual format with over 100 participants was a resounding success for the VDMA Agricultural Machinery Association. The participants rated the conference as positive throughout, stating they found themselves well guided through the event and appreciated the diverse, immediate and, above all, trouble-free options for interaction.

This success resulted in further cooperation with the VDMA Agricultural Machinery Association. Together, we also organised several online events with Chinese and Russian company representatives and sales partners in the third quarter of the year. Our client commented on our work as follows:

“fine Expression provided the simultaneous interpretation service and technical support. All tasks were completed perfectly and all participants were very positive about the user-friendly and self-explanatory function for selecting the language channel and the high-quality translation of technical terms.”

VDMA Agricultural Machinery now also uses our MOVE Com platform for various multilingual online formats.

And what do we think? We are pleased to have once again proven the quality of our products and services. But it’s not really about proving ourselves. We are service providers with a passion. We never give up until we have found the optimal solution for our clients and partners. And there is always a solution. For VDMA Agricultural Machinery. And for your project too. Guaranteed.

Project management Maria Vlashchenko

Senior Project Manager

Industry: Agricultural technology
Languages: German, English, Russian

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